Panorama Antennas is a family business now in its third generation and is a leading designer and manufacturer of antennas for radio communication. Panorama’s constant cutting-edge research ensures that our antennas meet the demands of the very latest communication technologies. Trusted by thousands of professionals and consumers the world over, these antennas are depended upon to provide communications even in the most challenging conditions.

Panorama specialises in professional antenna solutions for modern communications technologies. Their innovative antennas solutions to the critical communications, M2M and IOT, cellular LTE and In-building market sectors and we have particular expertise in providing combination antennas incorporating multiple technologies as well as fit-for-purpose solutions tailored for challenging applications. With 70 years of  experience in delivering world-class antenna products, Panorama’s current product range reflects our unparalleled expertise in providing high-quality performance antennas.

The WMM8G-7-38 antenna is a high gain directional 2×2 MIMO signal boosting antenna for 4G and 5G networks. Incorporating two separately fed wide-band elements in a single housing the WMM8G is equipped to provide client side MIMO and diversity support for 4G and 5G networks. The rugged, weatherproof housing is designed for wall mounting.

  • Supports 2×2 MiMo 2G/3G/4G and 5G networks

  • High Directional gain 6-8dBi

  • Wall Mount or Mast Mount

  • IP 65 Rated

Wall and mast mounting brackets are provided. 10 metres of fitted low loss double shielded twin cable minimises exposed connector joints and simplifies cable management for easy installation.

Use the DMM-7-38 to ensure a strong 4G or 3.6GHz 5G connection and fast transfer speeds for your modem or router. It’s unique ‘X’ design enables MiMo connectivity across a huge frequency range and with the options of desk or window mounting the antenna is ideal for use on the move.

This multi-band portable antenna is designed to be compact and easy to use. It has feet that allow it to be used freestanding, a suction cup for window mounting, and clips for attachment to a laptop. The is a versatile and compact travel companion to ensure you have excellent signals in all situations.

The Panorama client patch antenna is a directional wall or mast mount antenna covering 2.4 & 5GHz for WiFi / WLAN applications.


This antenna is ideal for point to point communications or can be used to cover a wide area thanks to its relatively wide beam width in the horizontal and vertical planes. Several of these antennas can be used to provide sectored coverage.


This antennas is supplied with a 90 degree adjustable wall/mast mount angle bracket to give optimal mounting flexibility and it is fitted with an SMA female connector to allow for connection of a variety of cable assemblies.

Antennas For Cradlepoint

As an approved antenna supplier to Cradlepoint, Panorama has developed a specific product landing page on its website dedicated to their devices. This allows the user to select from a wide range of antenna solutions that are configured and approved for function with Cradlepoint routers. In essence, what we want to achieve is to have a one-stop-shop for all the customers router antennas removing the complexities of trying to identify the correct antenna solution.

Wifi Antennas

Panorama antennas offers a full range of products for DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) inbuilding deployments and repeater systems. Our product line includes Low PIM cellular / LTE antennas and jumper cables, VHF and UHF solutions and WiFi antennas to improve WLAN coverage. Our range includes products constructed from flame retardant and low smoke material as well as products which have been SAR tested.

LTE Antennas

Panorama Antennas offers a complete range of LTE antennas and antennas for 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G applications. Panorama specialises in combination antennas and many products combine multiple functions including cellular / LTE, Wifi and GPS/GNSS into a single compact housing. With increasing use of data for internet access and video streaming – high  performance MiMo antennas are often a requirement for many applications and Panorama has a range of MiMo LTE antennas across a variety of form factors and mounting options.

Mobile Antennas

Panorama is a trusted supplier of mobile radio antennas supporting a variety of consumer, professional and mission critical technologies. We supply antennas for First Responders catering for TETRA, P25 and other secure communications technologies some combined with LTE, GPS or WiFi. Our whip, low profile, fixed site, specialist and combination solutions support a huge range of applications and mounting scenarios.

IOT and Machine to Machine (M2M)

The Internet Of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) space represents a paradigm shift in connectivity. There are now more connected devices than mobile phones and the numbers are growing every year. IoT and M2M cover a range of applications with specific frequency allotments and application requirements. Panorama has a full portfolio of M2M and IoT antennas from robust low profile solutions to sophisticated MiMo offerings and embedded products to ensure that we can provide the correct solution for any connected device and installation context.

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