The Unified Monitoring solution, is the only unified solution available globally, capable of monitoring the following infrastructure in real time,

  •  Fibre Optic Cable Networks
  •  Copper Cable Networks for Telecommunications
  •  Electrical Cable Networks
  •  Railway Cable and Infrastructure
  •  Manholes
  •  Water Networks
  •  Commercial and Industrial Property

These solutions are integrated through the provision of the necessary networks and connectivity and data collected is then ultimately collated and represented in easy to understand and interpret forms for ease of decision making.

Gas, Electrical, Fibre, Water, and Telecommunication Networks

The effective monitoring of this infrastructure is critical to ensure the effective delivery of services.

  • These networks are often targets for theft and vandalism
  • Modular and scalable for end to end monitoring
  • Cost effective monitoring to detect and reduce theft in electrical cable networks up to 33KV
  • Reduce losses and Non Revenue Water by deploying improved leak detection in water network systems

Road and Rail Networks/Infrastructure

Our CCTV and Monitoring technology can be implemented to assist in:

  • Manage traffic flow and incident management on all transport infrastructure
  • Improve accuracy in issuing infringement notice’s as well collection of funds from notices issued
  • Using CCTV and Fibre Optic based Weigh In Motion to detect vehicles that are overloaded in road networks and border crossings
  • Electronic funds collection at cross border crossings
  • Monitoring of electrical and communication in rail networks
  • Monitoring of rail infrastructure for deformation or cracks of rail
  • Structural health monitoring of bridges for cracking, displacement, strain, vibration, deflection, wear, bending and settlement/movement 

Early Warning Intervention linked to a Control Centre

  • High Definition thermal camera technology
  • Securing Critical Infrastructure in low light conditions
  • Detection in all weather conditions
  • Long range detection – 5 Km’s to 25 Km’s
  • Ground radar detection – for protection beyond fences
  • Drone Detection – for securing high security environments such as airports and pipelines

Property Monitoring and Management

  • Card-less parking management system       
  • Foot count and facial recognition
  • CCTV and access control
  • Utility monitoring solutions for electricity, water and gas       
  • Power backup solutions
  • Big data and analytics for property owners and managers

Networking and Connectivity Solutions

  • Network and connectivity solutions that include a combination of fibre optic, LAN or localized Wi-Fi solutions
  • Solutions that  are cost effective and can be designed to deliver connectivity in any environment e.g. municipalities, industry, corporate, schools, universities, libraries and  healthcare facilities
  • Firewalls for the Network security and effective management of devices, traffic and content management

Data Analytics and Reporting

  • Compilation of sources of data that is accurate/reliable/timely

  • Compilation and collation of data from multiple sources becomes automated as the process matures
  • Analyzing and Interpreting the data for trends and key outputs for decision making
  • Representation of the data in user friendly formats in real time
  • Dashboards are easily accessible on PC’s, Tablets and Smartphones